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Vandna Namkeen- Cornflex Mixture

It is sweet -n- salty mixture of cornflakes, potato sticks and dry fruits with high nutrient values.

Vandna Namkeen- Shahi Mixture Namkeen

It is premium quality namkeen, slightly spicy mixture of Moong pulse, Gram flour, Cashew nuts, Almonds & Pistachio. Very famous in India during serving the guest.

Vandna Namkeen- Puna Mast

It is also premium quality namkeen made up of thin and fried potato sticks mixed with almonds,cashews and raisins. Very good in taste and not spicy.

About the Company

These delecious fried Namkeen are produced by the most fresh, hand picked ingrediantes, wheerever oil is used it is double refined soyabean oil (Oil is sprayed for mixing spices on the natural grains/pulses for taste as per each reciepe requirement).

No artifical colours, flavour or preservatives are used to our products. Hence they are low in CALORIE, RICH IN PROTIEN, FIBRE RICH, EASY TO DIGEST and very NUTRITIONS.

They are good to eat either by themeselves, or they can be served with salads or drinks or can be given to kids in tiffins as HEALTHY SNACKS.

Despites it unparalleled dietary range, there's somethiing intrinsic method and mystical about all: the reverence and thoughtfulness with which it is prepared.

The exotic blends of herbs and spices, and the in tricate preparatory methods, are all intended to files your appetite untill you and your taste buds succumb to temptation, And the seduction is total efforts to resist indulgence often prove futile, But you will feel no remorse because sublime experience are a step closer to sprituality.

"Garam Masala" used in most products is a combination of turmeric, ginger, garlic, black pepper, cloves, cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg and coriander all lightly roasted and then ground.


A: Turmeric (Haldi): Bloof Purifier, improves liver function, prevents cough & colds, improves skin tones and is an antiseptic.

B: Ginger (Adrak): Improve digestion, lower cholesterol, controls blood pressure, inhibits cancer, has anti-nausea and anti-clotting properties.

C: Garlic (lasun): Lower cholesterol,, inhibits rheumatism, has anti-cancer, has anti-flatulent and anti-bacterial properties.

D: Black Pepper: Effectively wards off colds & throat infections.

E: Clove (Long): Controls Gums & Tooth infections, anti-nausea, combats colds, strengthens nerves and improves circulation.

F: Cardamom (Elaichi): Prevents formation of kidney stones.

G: Cinnamon (Dalchini): Help fights diabetes & Food Poisoning.

H: Nutmeg (Jaifal): Helps relieve stress.

I: Corainder (Dhania): Cures indigestion.